Vera Blue
July 2017 | 12 songs

Unstoppable singer-songwriter Vera Blue releases her debut album, 'Perennial!' - "'Perennial' is a term for plants that come back year after year, and I like to relate that to memory, feelings and emotions," says Vera Blue. "It's what the record is all about; relationships can be very cyclical, or never-ending, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just part of life." The album is arranged into three chapters, which chronologically trace the development of Vera Blue; from her very first week writing, raw after the breakdown of a relationship, towards a place of renewed strength and vivacity. Recorded between Los Angeles and Sydney, 'Perennial' was written with longtime collaborators Andy and Thom Mak (Tina Arena, Bertie Blackman) as well as engineer Jackson Barclay. It's the product of countless hours spent crafting songs in the studio as a team.

  1. 1 First Week
  2. 2 Give In
  3. 3 Regular Touch
  4. 4 We Used To
  5. 5 Said Goodbye To Your Mother
  6. 6 Private
  7. 7 Lady Powers
  8. 8 Magazine
  9. 9 Fools
  10. 10 Overachiever
  11. 11 Pedestal/Cover Me
  12. 12 Mended