Benny Anderson
September 2017 | 21 songs

Piano’ takes listeners on a 21-track journey through his acclaimed and celebrated career as songs from ABBA, his musicals and other solo compositions are re-interpreted as you have never heard them before, performed unaccompanied by just Benny himself, on his trusted grand piano. The album was recorded with Linn Fijal, engineer and studio manager at his own RMV Studios, on the island of Skeppsholmen, in the heart of his hometown Stockholm. These are tender, touching and emotional arrangements of music that has touched millions around the world since ABBA first came together in 1972. The music on this album reinforces Benny’s profound gift for melody, a gift shared with many great classical composer-pianists throughout history, that have also inspired him throughout his life and career.

  1. 1 I Let The Music Speak
  2. 2 You And I
  3. 3 Aldrig
  4. 4 Thank You For The Music
  5. 5 Stockholm By Night
  6. 6 Chess
  7. 7 The Day Before You Came
  8. 8 Someone Else's Story
  9. 9 Midnattsdans
  10. 10 Mĺlarskolan
  11. 11 I Wonder (Departure)
  12. 12 Embassy Lament
  13. 13 Anthem
  14. 14 My Love, My Life
  15. 15 Mountain Duet
  16. 16 Flickornas Rum
  17. 17 Efter Regnet
  18. 18 Tröstevisa
  19. 19 En Skrift I Snöen
  20. 20 Happy New Year
  21. 21 I Gott Bevar