Something To Tell You

July 2017 | 11 songs

HAIM announce their forthcoming album 'Something To Tell You,' out on Polydor Records! The anticipated new album features lead single "Want You Back". Last week HAIM announced the news of their new album with a video of the band performing new track "Right Now" live in studio. The recording session was shot and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights). Pitchfork noted "the song is hardcore HAIM," going on to say, "this is what Haim does best, create a small universe in a song, then soundtrack it with ample fire." The New York Times heralded the new music's arrival saying "anyone worried about the vitality of mainstream rock music need not: HAIM is back"

  1. 1 Want You Back
  2. 2 Nothing's Wrong
  3. 3 Little of Your Love
  4. 4 Ready For You
  5. 5 Something To Tell You
  6. 6 You Never Knew
  7. 7 Kept Me Crying
  8. 8 Found It In Silence
  9. 9 Walking Away
  10. 10 Right Now
  11. 11 Night So Long