Music For The Masses

Depeche Mode
December 2016 | 10 songs

Depeche Mode's debut is at once both a conservative, functional Pop record and a groundbreaking release. Depeche Mode became the undisputed founder of straight-up Synth Pop with the album's 11 songs, light, hooky, and danceable numbers about love, life, and clubs. Credit for the album's success has to go to main songwriter Vince Clarke; the classic early singles "New Life," "Dreaming of Me," and "Just Can't Get Enough," along with "Pretty Boy" to "Photographic" keep everything moving throughout.

  1. 1 Never Let Me Down Again
  2. 2 The Things You Said
  3. 3 Strangelove
  4. 4 Sacred
  5. 5 Little 15
  6. 6 Side B - Behind the Wheel
  7. 7 I Want You Now
  8. 8 To Have and to Hold
  9. 9 Nothing
  10. 10 Pimpf